Supported by long time experience, technical know-how, stringent
quality-control and ongoing research & development, we feel
confident in serving the vary needs of our vary customers.

And by having a sufficient manufacturing space, complete set of
machineries & equipments and laboratory devices, we have what
we need to be your reliable business partner / supplier.
Our country Indonesia, have the largest area of coconut
plantation in the world with over 10-billions of coconuts
produced every year, meaning that we have
more-than-enough of raw material.

Besides as an eco/environment friendly material,
coconut shell has the characteristics of highest quality
material for charcoal as it has high fixed-carbon
content, high hardness, no-smoke, no-sparkling,
no-odor and no-ash scattering during the grilling /
Presently, we produce more than 600 tons of
Coconut Briquette Charcoal every month, and
keep on increasing its capacity as well as its
product's variety.

We can supply with our own brand or yours
(OEM), feel free to contact us...